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Join us for 10 events annually featuring 400+ peer presenters, including billionaires, centimillionaires, and corporate founders.

InvestorClub.com, a division of The Family Office Club, is a dedicated platform serving investors, boasting a network of over 7,500 members and 13+ million social media followers. We provide a wealth of resources and connections tailored to ultra-wealthy investors, facilitating introductions to trusted service providers and offering access to family office resources.

Through InvestorClub.com, our members benefit from participation in annual live events, connecting them with a global community of peers. These events cover a wide spectrum of topics, including tax strategies, investment structures, due diligence best practices, being ultra-healthy vs. ultra-wealthy, and Next-gen Legacy Planning, attracting audiences ranging from 600 to over 1,000 professionals.

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Company values are often overlooked in family settings, but they play a crucial role in shaping behaviors and fostering cohesion. Our CEO, Richard Wilson, grew up immersed in his father’s business, instilling values through daily routines and shared experiences.

Today, our CEO, Richard Wilson, has extended his family values beyond their kitchen table, integrating them into daily life. He has also taken his kids to over a dozen investment/business conferences, spanning multiple countries. Additionally, he reads books like “Be Useful” by Arnold and “Success Principles” by Jack Canfield with them during breakfast and before bed, nurturing their personal and intellectual growth.

We prioritize values over monetary pursuits, recognizing their role in creating and safeguarding wealth while preserving family unity. Our Next-Gen program emphasizes the importance of family values alongside financial education and deal analysis.

Investor Tool Kit

We’re dedicated to empowering our investor members with tools and resources to optimize their investment strategies. At InvestorClub.com, we offer a comprehensive toolkit tailored to meet diverse needs, drawing from our extensive 17+ years of experience in running our investor club.

Within our toolkit, investors will discover a range of components designed to enhance their deal structuring, negotiation skills, and due diligence processes. Our exclusive offerings include interviews with billionaires, a curated list of over 100 books authored by billionaires, a Family Office Deal Flow 1-pager, a Virtual Family Office Dashboard, due diligence resources, and a curated list of 50 questions to kick off their Family Office journey, among other valuable resources.

Due Diligence

Our investor club serves as a valuable resource for accredited investor members. Emphasizing the importance of due diligence, we advocate for a thorough examination of the financial, legal, and operational aspects of investment opportunities to minimize risk and facilitate informed decision-making. Key steps include scrutinizing financial records, evaluating market viability, and assessing management competence to uncover both value and potential risks.

For those seeking an extra layer of assurance, our Verified Diligence package provides a comprehensive 50+ point due diligence profile. This service, conducted by a seasoned private investigator with over 20 years of experience serving ultra-wealthy families, private equity firms, and corporate clients, offers scrutiny beyond typical background checks. With a track record of over 100,000 thorough private investigations, our service may reveal insights and considerations that could be overlooked otherwise.

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