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Tax Strategies

July 15th, 2022
Virtual Workshop

Join Our Virtual 2022 Tax Strategies Summit

Attend our upcoming tax strategies summit and hear from 25 tax experts discuss over 2 dozen tax planning strategies for cost-efficient investments.

Join the Family Office Club virtually on July 15th for the annual Tax Strategies Summit.

The Tax Strategies summit is designed to help master what you need to know, so you can develop the appropriate, cohesive tax defense and compliance strategy for your businesses and your generational wealth.

We will be featuring several 15-minute pre-recorded expert talks on different topics followed by a detailed breakdown from Founder and CEO, Richard C. Wilson.

This summit will also feature 2 pre-recorded panel discussions that will help you understand the different tax codes and which is the most efficient for your capital raising or investor goals. 

Learn from Nationally-Renowned Tax Experts:

We’ll be reviewing tried and true tax strategies in detail.

Whether you’re new to our community or have attended 50 or more of our events over the last decade, this virtual summit will be full of fresh value and unique tax code insights that will help change the way you look at a potential deal. 

Learn the Best Tax Codes
for Your Deal

Family Office Club founder, Richard C. Wilson, will provide detailed professional insight on everything shared within the virtual discussion:

  • Tax Efficiency – Learn from proven tax strategies that will help you create the most efficient opportunities as a capital raiser or an investor.
  • Lower Investment Costs – Uncover how you can reduce your highest expense as an investor – taxes.
  • Stronger Competitive Advantage – Create a deal opportunity with a tax structure that has been proven to help close more deals.
  • Effective Strategies Unique to You – Discover which specific tax strategies work the best for your own industry.
  • Financial Due Diligence – Learn how to perform any additional tax and financial research necessary before your next deal opportunity.

Each pre-recorded talk session will be approximately 15 minutes with time for a Q&A to follow up.

We look forward to seeing you virtually on July 15th, 2022.

As an investor you can attend for free by filling out the RSVP form on this page.

Hear from 25 Tax Experts

2022 Speakers



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